Curso Básico (56 hl)

Con nuestro método directo trabajas los cuatro campos del aprendizaje del alemán: hablar, escribir, leer y entender. Se lleva a cabo en una a dos sesiones por semana, de dos a cuatro horas lectivas cada una. Ofrecemos varios niveles en horarios de mañana y tarde.

490,00 €

Would you like to learn Spanish in Barcelona?

Would you like to make more of your visit to Barcelona and learn Spanish? At Die Schule you can turn your vacation into a linguistic and cultural experience!


We offer language training in small groups in different levels.

You prefer to learn by yourself? We offer private lessons for all ages!


We only work with qualified and experienced teachers who understand to transmit our passion for language learning.

Basic Course

10 weeks, 40 TU (45minutes each), 2 days per week, 4 TU per week


You live in Barcelona and are busy during the day? Or you would like to spend the evenings of your visit meeting with other people learning Spanish? Then the Basic Course is ideal for you, either taking your first steps in Spanish or broadening your knowledge. This course is held twice a week with two teaching units (one TU equals 45 minutes) per session. At the end of the course you will have completed one sublevel.

Price: 295,00 €

Continous entries possible.


bookable per week, each week 10 TU (45min), 5 days per week


You are working in Barcelona and you would like to make use of your long lunchbreak? Then this course might fit you perfectly. On five days a week in two teaching units a day we will help you gather basic knowledge of Spanish or help you extend your existing Spanish.

1 week: 95,00 €

2 weeks: 170,00 €

3 weeks: 235,00 €

4 weeks: 295,00 €

continuos entry


bookable per week, 20 TU (45min) per week, 5 days per week, mornings or evenings.


IntensivePlus gives you the opportunity to gather a Basic knowledge of Spanish in a short preriod of time or to extend you Spanish rapidly. This course is also suitable if you are only in Barcelona for a Brief stay: in an efficient way throughout your daily classes you will learn or enhance your Spanish. The IntensivePlus is designed out of four units, each taking one week and five days of class each week.

1 week: 180,00 €

2 weeks: 350,00 €

3 weeks: 485,00 €

4 weeks: 595,00 €

continuos entry


bookable per week, 30 TU (45min) per week, 5 days per week, mornings or evenings.


For an extremely short stay or a boosted preparativos for starting a new life in Barcelona or Spain in general the perfect Option. In five days a week, 6 teaching units per day you will be taught with our communication based and highly efficient teaching method to reach your goals as fast as possible. The IntensiveExtra allows you to either set a firm basis or to amplify your knowledge of Spanish in the shortest possible time.

1 week: 260,00 €

2 weeks: 490,00 €

3 weeks: 680,00 €

4 weeks: 855,00 €

continuous entry

Besides our language classes we offer field trips in and around Barcelona on a regular basis. Like this you can put your recently acquired knowledge into action an live a cultural authentic experience. Come and join us at Die Schule!