Standard and Specialty Courses

Lessons for Groups and Private / Official Exams Preparation

Intercultural Training

How to succeed in communication with international organizations and partners


How to practically train and perfect your professional communication


Decide for the expert


How to improve your language skills and gain confidence in speaking another language

General German

Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages you can learn or extend your knowledge for your daily and professional life and take an end of course exam and obtain a certificate.
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Business German

In this class you will learn the language necessary to be prepared for the most common situations in work contexts.
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How to use industry-specific language and vocabulary in another language

German for tourism

Learn everything related to hotels and hospitality so that your guests feel comfortable and understood.
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German for engineering

Improve your language skills by focusing on subjects and important vocabulary relevant to engineering, in particular with regard to product development and related communication.
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German for lawyers

Your employees extend their language skills by focusing on legal subjects and important vocabulary.
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How to practise and perfect your professional communication

Business Communication

These specific workshops allow you to practice German in an interactive way.
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How to successfully communicate with international organizations and partners

Intercultural Training

Working in an international environment means facing new challenges every day. >> read more


Comprehensive consultation for your individual needs by our managing director with many years of experience in German companies and teaching experience for German as a foreign language.

"As a language and culture scholar with experience in the business world, I have established guidelines for my trainers in order to align language with professional needs."

Susanne Eimert, Director

A lively and active learning method is one of the most successful ways to learn a language effectively and with fun.


Direct, communicative method

High percentage of speaking time

Training all four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing)

Consideration of individual learning goals



As a well-established yet still young language course provider, we plan our courses according your requirements. >> read more


Our teachers are either native speakers or bilingual and have various unique professional backgrounds, which allows them to create interactive classes that are adjusted to your needs.


I am from Grenzach, a small town in the south of Germany. After studying linguistics and cultural studies, I worked for international companies, such as Lufthansa and BMW. Before founding DIE SCHULE, I managed Soziale Netzwerk BIB gGmbH, an institution for further education and professional development for adults in Berlin. Today I am part of a wide network in the economy.


In addition to conventional language classes we offer workshops, >> read more


We are located on Via Augusta, in the heart of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, with easy access to public transport. >> read more


Our services enable a smooth training organization, an optimal training sequence and reliable training results for your business.

Qualified and native trainer with experience

Who could teach better than a native speaker or someone who is bilingual and can therefore make comparisons between your language and the one that is to be learned?

Detailed needs analysis for your organisation at no charge

What objectives do you have? We will analyse your needs by offering an initial consultation and will provide a quotation accordingly.

Level test and certificate included

Do you know your level or your employees' level? We perform level tests based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages before beginning a course, and evaluate progress and success at the end of the course.

Individual adjustments to the requirements of your organisation

Do you need a certain vocabulary or would you like to prepare for a particular meeting? We are open to your wishes, and adapt our training accordingly.

Regular attendance and progress reports

How is your performance, or that of your employees? By providing regular reports, timed according to your objectives, and end-of-year-evaluations, the results may be viewed at any time.

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